Emergency Instructions:

In the event of an Emergency or an injury follow the instructions below.

Call 911 and contact a Range Official Immediately. 778-987-8672

If you are with someone who has been injured, assist if possible and try to stay with them until help arrives.

There are emergency First Aid Kits on every range. (Ammo boxes, painted with a red cross) A firm pull should break the seal.

There are large First Aid kits in the Range Warden’s office on Range 1, and in the Indoor at the top of the hill. If locked, break the window, kit it is inside.

Airhorns and/or whistles are supplied on each range.

Our location is:
Thompson Mountain Sportsmen Association
21791 Ladner RoadPitt Meadows, BC
(Located behind and above Golden Eagle Golf Course)

Be clear that there has been an accident/injury to ensure the quickest medical response.