General Information

General Members have available for use five of the shooting pads at TMSA. They are:

  • Public Range #1,
  • Range #2,
  • Range #3,
  • Rifle Range #11
  • Rifle Range #12

A General Member may take 1 Day Card User with them on Ranges #2, #3 and Rifle Range #11 only with Range Warden’s approval.

If you meet qualification criteria, you may also join our additional club-within-the-club, CMPS (Coast Mountain Practical Shooters). Proof of Membership and IPSC # will be required.

Membership has its privileges and rewards, but also has its responsibilities. TMSA members are expected to attend one or more work parties per year. TMSA is a volunteer organization, and without volunteers to help with the general maintenance of the club facilities, the costs for membership will have to increase.

Members must have their current membership card displayed at all times while on the range property. Failure to produce a valid Picture ID Membership Card will require a non-refundable day card.

REMINDER: If you attend the range without your Member Picture ID Card, You will be charged a full day card fee, non-refundable.

Becoming a TMSA Member

We are currently accepting applications to join Thompson Mountain Sportsmen Association.

Memberships are valid until December 31st of the current year. Memberships are not prorated throughout the year.

TMSA offers several different Memberships:

GeneralSingle membership$225
FamilySpouse and (2) children (under 19)
Must provide birthdate for minors
Cost is per family member living in the same household
+ $40
Senior (65+)Must provide proof of age$125
CMPS AffiliationMust have completed Black Badge Course and provide IPSC #+ $40

Your PAL# and expiry date must be included on the membership form.

Membership Renewal

Memberships renew on January 1st of each year. If you are a current member of TMSA, you will receive a renewal notice to your email address on file in December. If you did not receive an invoice, please contact

Please DO NOT fill out a new application if you are a renewing member!

Membership Renewal invoices will be sent out starting December 1st. You must renew your membership before it expires on December 31st to maintain continued access to the Club.We will be using a new renewal system whereby each member will be sent an invoice noting the amount due for the current membership year. This invoice will be sent electronically only. If you have not received your invoice prior to December 15th please contact the membership chair at


Payments can be made electronically by following the link on the invoice to an online payment merchant where you can pay via Visa or Mastercard.

Work Parties

Work parties are a great way to get involved in the community, meet your fellow club members, and support your club. Even if you are not required as a Charter Member, Key Access Member, or Match Participant you should still come out and get involved!

If a Club Member wishes to volunteer as a Weekend Range Officer, credits will be given in place of work party credits. This work will be to assist the on duty RO in overseeing the members and learning the safety aspects of the range and its operations. Credits only apply for Charter and Key Access Members, but any member can get involved and their support will be appreciated. One credit will be issued for 2 half days of RO duties. See the Range Warden on duty at the range for more details.

TMSA Charter Members and Members with Key Access

All TMSA Charter Members are expected to attend work parties, and Members with Key Access MUST attend a minimum of two Club work parties each year or they will lose their key access the following year.

CMPS Members and IPSC Participants

As a CMPS Member, you are required to attend MATCH SET-UP WORK PARTIES that are published and scheduled, if you are shooting the match. Failure to attend that work party without authorization from the Match Director can result with your CMPS Membership being revoked. The Match Director can give you alternate duties if applicable. i.e. pulling stages down after the match, etc.

Range Rules

All members must be familiar with the Range Rules (full version). Failure to comply with range rules and regulations will result in suspension of range privileges.

When you join the club, please print and bring a copy of the rules when you pick up your cards. There is a short orientation at the range to familiarize you with the facilities and make sure everyone is clear of the responsibilities and expectations of members.

The condensed range rules are available here. This is the copy you should print and bring to your orientation.

Insurance Certificate

Hunters may require a copy of the TMSA insurance certificate as well as their proof of membership when applying for a license. A PDF version of this document can be obtained below.

Smoking Policy

Smoking/Vaping will be only allowed at the smoking area beside the Range office, smoking is not allowed anywhere on the range except in this area. Any Club Members or guests found smoking outside of this area will have all Range Privileges suspended. Additionally, during the summer, there may be complete smoking bans in effect.


Donation are always welcome if you happen to have access to building materials that would otherwise be tossed at your workplace. Plywood, 2×4’s, screws/nails, etc. Contact our Range Warden if you think you may be able to offer something to the range.

Refund Policy

Thompson Mountain Sportsmen Association does not provide refunds on membership purchases.