Rimfire Precision Match (RPM)

The Rimfire Precision Match is fun competition using 22 rimfire rifles. Using a PRS style match format to engage targets at distances from 50 to 100 yards. A match round count will consist of 100 rounds. A total of ten stages, Each stage consists of ten rounds fired from designated shooting positions and positional barricades within a two minutes. This is a 22 long rifle match only. No 22 magnum or 17 HRM. Target sizes can vary from 1″ to 6″ in diameter.

We use the divisions from the Outlaw Rimfire Precision.

For more information or questions, please contact Curtis at snapperhead22@shaw.ca.


Matches are listed on the TMSA calendar, as well as on Practiscore. Register for matches and follow us to stay up to date.