Range is now open regular posted hours

We are back open for business , thank you for your patience, but the wait was well worth it ..

Note: Rifle Range 11 will remain closed until the final repair work has been completed 

We also have new clay targets arriving for sale

The bears are out and wandering around again so please:

If a bear or other wildlife wanders onto the range, shooting stops. Wait for it to move on, and let the range manager know where you’ve seen the wildlife.

Make sure all garbage is going in the can or leaving with you. That includes apple cores etc. don’t just tossed over the berm. Let the wildlife be wild.

Interested in Volunteering?

The club only runs because members put in their time to make it better; the Board, the match directors, heavy equipment operators, the guys who hike up the hill when there’s a foot of snow and then plough out the roads, nothing big happens at the club without volunteer effort.

If there’s something that you’d like to see done, and you’re interested in helping to make it happen; contact Barrett – come to a meeting (2nd Wednesday of the month, via Zoom) and let us know what you’d like to do; and we’ll do our best to make things happen, and hook you up with other like-minded members to make things happen.

A few things on the radar right now that we want to get moving:

  1. Youth shooting programs
  2. More shotgun events
  3. IPSC match directors
  4. National Range Day event planning for 2023
  5. and so on. We also have some substantial range improvements on the radar, so the more people involved, the faster things moved.

All volunteer time is considered by the board when evaluating Charter membership applications as well as After-Hours privileges.

Looking for IPSC Assistant Match Directors

Anyone interested in becoming a Match Director?

We are looking for an Assistant Match Director for the 2022 IPSC season to work with Brent Burtenshaw and learn the ins and outs of putting together a match.

The Assistant MD works closely with the MD on all aspects of the match, right through until the scores are posted and the match is cleaned up. This is a position where you will learn the expectations of the club and of IPSC BC, the goal is to get you enough experience where you MD your own matches in the future.

If you’re interested, please contact Brent directly

Matches galore

We have Steel, Rimfire Precision and IPSC matches on the calendar.

Steel matches are the first Saturday of the month, go from about 9-1. Cleanup is quick. Registration is set up on Practiscore now so next months match opens for registration the day after the previous match. If you can help with setup, that’s Friday afternoon before the match.

Rimfire Precision is a great way to practice the skills to shoot far when you live in the city, and it’s great for kids.

The IPSC matches, we have work parties scheduled on the calendar the weekend before the match, and if you care to donate some time in another way, please contact the MD, Brent.

2022 memberships

2022 membership invoices will go out automatically on December 1.
New memberships for 2022 will also start at the same time.
We have published an updated, condensed rule book here. Please read this and be familiar with it. Please print it and bring the rule book with you to pick up your cards / attend your range orientation. This is important.

Starting immediately, we are launching a range orientation for all new-members; it’s a short orientation covering how to sign in/out, how we handle cease-fires. This will be required for new members and always available for current members.

When picking up your card, you will be asked to sign that you have read the above rule book and understand it. Our goal is to eliminate safety concerns and reduce damage to club property, as well as you’ll get to meet at least one of the staff members and chat with them.

Precision Rimfire and Speed Steel matches

We’ve got a precision rimfire event’s at the range. Hoping to make it a regular occurrence. 100 rounds of .22LR on 10 stages. $20, register on Practiscore. .22LR only.

Speed steel is also back, regular schedule will be the first Saturday of the month. $20. Registration on Practiscore as well.

These are ongoing events and are posted straight to the club’s practiscore.

Now hiring

We are now hiring range officers.

We are entering the busy season and need more staff. We are searching for safety-first oriented individuals to bolster our staff. You should be familiar with the range rules, rules for cease-fires, ACTS/PROVE.

You must have a PAL/RPAL.

You must speak English. All range commands at TMSA are in English.


  • supervising shooters on the public range.
  • supervising members throughout the entire range complex
  • registering visitors and members
  • taking electronic payments
  • other duties as assigned by the Range Manager

Other useful skills:

  • competency in another language
  • tactfulness and ability to coach newcomers to the sport on how the club operates
  • self-starter
  • handiness; if we have a slow day, someone who can find a project and make a small improvement to the range is obviously beneficial.

Applicants, email resume to secretary@tmsa.net

Monthly Board Meetings

Please note changes to monthly board meetings effective June 1st 2020.

Board Meetings are now held online via Zoom meetings (video) on the 2nd wed of every month.

Active members are welcome to join and be added but you must contact Barrett at secretary@tmsa.net at least a week prior to the meeting. They’ll be collected, and invites go out usually the afternoon before the meeting.



Bears, Garbage and Recycling

Please make sure that all garbage is removed from the ranges as the bears are looking for food. Do not place any food or beverage containers of any type in the garbage receptacles on the ranges. Please take them with you when you leave. Do not place any cardboard in the garbage dumpster, All cardboard must be placed in container by range office for recycling . No personal garbage allowed or your access and or membership will be revoked. Also break open all plastic bags that are put into the dumpster to prevent the bears from dragging them out of the bin.

To report a wildlife conflict on TMSA property contact B.C. Conservation officer at 1-877-952-7277, 24 hrs a day or any member of the board of directors for assistance. During regular hours, report any bear sightings to the Range Warden immediately. Remember all wildlife is protected on TMSA property.

NOTE: Smoking/Vaping will be only allowed at the smoking area beside the Range office, smoking is not allowed anywhere on the range except in this area.