The Rifle ranges 11,12,13 will be closed to all Members for next few days for road and drainage repairs in preparation of road paving in July

hopefully we will be back to normal by end of this week and will post when the rifle ranges are open if not earlier when we have more up to date information. Range 11 may be closed for an extended period of time as we will be repairing that range

Rental Groups will not be affected.

We also have no clay pigeons at the moment. Working on getting some more, but for the moment, you’ll need to bring your own.

The bears are out and wandering around again so please:

If a bear or other wildlife wanders onto the range, shooting stops. Wait for it to move on, and let the range manager know where you’ve seen the wildlife.

Make sure all garbage is going in the can or leaving with you. That includes apple cores etc. don’t just tossed over the berm. Let the wildlife be wild.