We are now hiring range officers.

We are entering the busy season and need more staff. We are searching for safety-first oriented individuals to bolster our staff. You should be familiar with the range rules, rules for cease-fires, ACTS/PROVE.

You must have a PAL/RPAL.

You must speak English. All range commands at TMSA are in English.


  • supervising shooters on the public range.
  • supervising members throughout the entire range complex
  • registering visitors and members
  • taking electronic payments
  • other duties as assigned by the Range Manager

Other useful skills:

  • competency in another language
  • tactfulness and ability to coach newcomers to the sport on how the club operates
  • self-starter
  • handiness; if we have a slow day, someone who can find a project and make a small improvement to the range is obviously beneficial.

Applicants, email resume to secretary@tmsa.net