Q: What kind of rifle and sights do your recommend? I heard that a AR 15 is good for this type of shooting. Correct? Also I heard “red dot” sights are the best for this type of shooting: correct or is this a personal preference? Also what length of barrel would you recommend?

A: Iron sights are fine, but an EoTech is highly recommended. Some shooters like red dot scopes, I don’t personally recommend them as I believe they slow you down. The cheaper imitation holosights are fragile, are underpowered and tend to show poorly in bright light. You are better off with iron sights than these ‘knockoffs’. All of our shooting is under 100 yards and usually under 40 yards. AR15′s are frequently used here, and because of the short ranges, nearly any barrel length will work fine. I think 16″ barrels are quite popular, but barrel length will not be a big factor in match placement. Get some 10 round ‘pistol mags’ for the AR15.

Q: Do I need to take any required courses before shooting with you? I also shoot in IPSC and I needed to take a black badge course.

A: No course is necessary to start, but a Black Badge is not a bad idea given the safety training involved.

Q: What other gear would you recommend and where would I get this gear?

A: Some kind of rig to hold your mags is good. A simple belt with mag pouches is fine or you can buy a Tac Vest of some kind. I like having a dump pouch for convenience. Dave’s Surplus in New Westminster is one place that carries everything you will need (gear, optics, ammo) and are strong supporters of our events. I highly recommend them … One last bit of advice is not to wait until you have the ‘ideal’ equipment before shooting a TR match. Any semiauto will do, including SKS’s … In the case of the SKS, it is recommended that you practice reloading with stripper clips ahead of time unless its a D version. BDU pockets can hold mags, so a vest isn’t absolutely necessary, although your IPSC belt can be adapted easily enough for this sport. Lastly, don’t worry about not having expensive optics, iron sights work well enough, and although slightly slower work EVERY time.

Q: Are spectators allowed?

A: Yes, but spectators are charged a $5 insurance fee and must sign in. If you are considering dropping by ‘just to take a look’ you should bring a rifle and ammo just in case as most people decide its not all that intimidating and lots of fun and wind up shooting anyways.

Q: Do I need a PAL to compete?

A: You will need to show your PAL in order to sign in as a participant. We do not record the number but require showing the permit as a means of screening participants.

Q: Will there be an opportunity to ‘sight in’ my rifle at the match?

A: There will be no opportunity to sight in just before or during an event. Participants are advised to sight in their rifles ahead of time.

Q: This sounds like a great event. I’d like to volunteer to help out in some way so it can keep running. Is there any need for volunteers?

A: Yes. We set up the match the Saturday afternoon just before the day of the event, and we sometimes test out stages at that time. You might want to assist with that, helpers are always welcome. During the event itself there are targets to be taped and clean up at the end of the match.

Q: What is Action22? I see it posted on the Events Schedule.A: Action22 is much the same as Tactical Rifle, just shot with semiauto .22 rimfire rifles. The bulk of the targets are steel, allowing for easy setup and shooting rimfire ammo means more shooting at a lower price. The ability to use 25 or 30 round magazines is a big plus too! The best rifles for this event include the Ruger 10/22 or the Remington 597.

Q: What are the entry fees for a Tactical Rifle match?

A: The current entry fee is $20 per participant.