TAC Rifle Rules

Basic Rules For a Safe & Fun Match

  1. Treat ALL firearms as if they are LOADED! All rifles must be UNLOADED, safety applied with actions open AT ALL TIMES and placed upright in the racks provided unless actively shooting a Stage. 
  2. Do NOT pick up your rifle to shoot the Stage until directed to do so by the RO with the Range Command “SHOOTER TO THE LINE”. 
  3. You may then safely pick up your UNLOADED rifle, watch your MUZZLE direction and advance to the Firing Line. The RO will then give the Range Command “IF YOU UNDERSTAND THE COURSE OF FIRE, LOAD AND MAKE READY!” If you do NOT understand, ASK. 
  4. Load your rifle only when directed by the RO to “LOAD & MAKE READY!” Keep your finger OFF the trigger until you are engaging a target. When the Timer’s Start Signal sounds (‘BEEP’), commence engaging the targets. 
  5. Be aware of your target and what is beyond your target. Do NOT fire a round that may leave the range (for example, over a berm). This includes being mindful of the “breaking 90″ rule. 
  6. When finished shooting a stage, rifles must be unloaded, actions locked back and safety applied. The rifle should be slung over the shoulder, muzzle up or down prior to walking back to the firing line. If not shooting, do NOT advance from the Firing Line downrange until the RO gives the Range Command “RANGE IS CLEAR”. 
  7. The RO cannot be everywhere. Each Competitor should monitor their own safety, and the safety of other Competitors. Safety infractions should be pointed out to offending Competitors. They will appreciate it. If they do not appreciate it, notify the RO or the RSO or the Match Director. 
  8. When moving between stages, all rifles are to be slung over the shoulder, with muzzles pointing down or up. 
  9. Rifles must only be cased/uncased at the designated SAFETY AREA. 
  10. Attendance at the pre-match Shooters Meeting is MANDATORY.