Thompson Mountain Action Rifle

TMAR Pad Qualifier Course

The intention of this qualifier is to ensure that everyone using the TMAR practice area for dynamic rifle shooting has sufficient proficiency operating their firearm to do so safely and in a controlled manner, even while under pressure as is typical for timed/scored competitions.

While some qualification exercises are timed, the intention is to see how the person being tested reacts under pressure. The times are set to be challenging, however the primary concern is that the exercise is completed safely with correct firearm handling and trigger control.

Participants taking the qualifier may be permitted to redo exercises for which they do not meet the time requirement or accuracy requirement; however, if disqualified due to a safety violation you will be asked to leave for the day and try again in the future.

We reserve the right to make further modifications to this qualification procedure if any other unforeseen safety issues arise or if requested by club officials.